The Story of Terre Haute, Indiana, is a story of the American experience. A one-time boomtown that flourished during the nation’s Westward expansion and gained national standing during the Industrial Age, Terre Haute today is a typical Midwestern city whose star has long since faded as the city has struggled to keep up with changing times. At one time a “Crossroads of America”, the city lost that significance with the advent of the interstate road system. A blue-collar community and a college town, Terre Haute has survived bouts of political corruption, labor unrest, and hard-hitting economic setbacks, and remains resilient. Experience this community as you’ve never seen it before, get a glimpse of its storied past, take a clear-eyed look at the city today, and cast an eye toward what the future may hold in store for this community on the Banks of the Wabash. 

DVDs of the documentary can be purchased here. For more information about Terre Haute and its history, check out the Vigo County Historical Society Museum ( 

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